AKKAs Head

Welcome! AKKA is here to stay and reinventing itself all the time.

People spend huge time in their life in food related thing. If you live 80 yeas more then six years of that time you spend strongly with food related issues. And when you are not eating most of your time you digestive. So eating is necessary in order to stay a live, but it is also experience. We in AKKA live for eating not for other way around. Eating is great Enjoy and AKKAs main pillar of existence is Food. That we try to sell you! So you eventually make us. We try to give you Enjoyable moment with food using our small but profoundly grounded resources and Love.

We just want you to Enjoy food and life! To come to visit AKKA you will help us, but you can also help us by telling what you want. Akka is fully democratic organization so be part of creating us and give your voice!

What kind of food experience you like?

What kind of food you would order and what is fair prize for your experience?

How much you are ready to spend in small Snack and Craft Kiosk like Akka?

Do you like to be social while you eat or do you like more concentrating food experience by your self?

When you go