NET 1 ridiculous customer teasing

HERE will be documented how NET1 can threat customers.

Hello Net1.

What shall we do with this case what has gone pretty absurd? I don’t know what reference I should use because I never get replies from NET1 that answers anything to me. Only Swedish machine text where is no service in background and no information.

This case shortly:
October I informed NET1 that I have problems using router what I am renting from NET1. Lot later in November I got replie that I will get new router. Then I got Invoice nearly 1500kr but no router never. Now I am getting enforcement letters from Lindorf  and they demand me to pay for thing I have never seen and  for the price I never made any contract. I pay rent and I supposed to have working device? fair enough?

OK Then December I sended my router what was mainly broken, but worked a little bit (charging problem). I still pay NET1 monthly bills about internet service because I afraid that otherwise robot start to send me more inforcement letters.  I don’t know how to communicate with NET1. Always different customer service operator replies and delegate my case forward. No service ever. I get so many problems because of no internet and about the time I need to use for this stupid shit..

I have few question I want to get replied: Does NET1 think they have send me router? If so is they anyway to follow that delivery? Postservice number or something that we can prove NET1 have ever tried to send me anything. I got this blue battery back in December what was sended to address in Muodoslompolo.

I never get any router from NET and I have sended my router to you, but I get only enforcement letters. Is this fair? This need to be solved somehow and fast! Now I don’t have time to repeat all the details about worst service I ever got.

And this case will go puplic. Firstly to following webpages and it will continue because I haven’t done anything wrong and I get punished like this. As soon as I get this case closed I will stop Negative marketing because I am guy who believes good work will be paid off!!!