Celebration of life!

We want to gather human family together to remind us about this beautiful thing what we are having. Life and it is always worth of celebrate and praise it. Human conciusness is focusing so much on negative things that it has made us allmost blind to this amazingly beautiful reality of Yugen beyonde the world of Maya. Yugen is japanese word and it cannot be translated to the finnish or english languages. It is description about this curious feeling that mystery beyond the horisont causes in us. This festival is about to feel this feeling and gather all beutiful and lovely unique people together.

For those who want we also offer Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies. We have Shamans, artist, musicians, philosophers, healers and all kind of special talents with us to work and make this gathering unforgettable.

We also going to reveal the Name of our son and wedding ceremonie of Anssi and Kaisa will be included.

More information is coming soon.